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farm fresh turkeysOur farm fresh turkeys have been locally raised right here on Wing Farms. They are all natural, non GMO, anti-biotic free, and hormone free. These birds are sustainable and available for purchase for your Thanksgiving meal.

The turkeys are delivered fresh, never frozen, from a USDA inspected processing center right to Wing Farms. They come packaged with a certified USDA stamp and are available for pick up the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Turkeys are $6.49 per pound.  Our turkeys average between 16 lbs and 21 lbs, and there are always  a few that are larger and smaller than that range.

When you place your deposit, you are reserving a turkey, not a specific weight.  At pickup, just let us know what size you want, and we will find one as close to that weight as possible, usually within a half pound or so.

Turkeys will be available for pickup at Wing Farms on Tuesday, November 21st, between 2 p.m. and 8 p.m.  We accept cash, credit card, or Venmo.  The Two-James pop-up will be open during pickup hours.

Farm Fresh Turkeys From A Local Source

Help support local, sustainable farming. Once you’ve tasted these fresh, natural turkeys, you will never go back to a frozen supermarket bird again. You can taste the care that was put into raising each animal.

Customer testimonial:

“It’s the best turkey I have ever had!”  Kayla C.