Apple Cider – Enjoy It This Fall

/Apple Cider – Enjoy It This Fall

Delicious Apple Cider This Fall

The crisp air and falling leaves of autumn always bring to mind a few things. Halloween, back to school, and cider mills. For a lot of Americans, the fall is a time for picking apples and pumpkins, getting donuts and sipping apple cider outside with the family on a breezy day. Wing Farms is the perfect place to make memories like these with your family this year. We offer a multitude of activities for the family and you can even grab a cup of delicious apple cider to enjoy while the kids play.

Apple cider is an American tradition when talking about autumn foods and drinks. It seems everyone went with their parents or school to pick pumpkins or apples and have some donuts and cider while you played in the hay. Every fall these traditions live on with every new generation. This fall take some time away from smart devices, video games and television and enjoy some time outside while sipping on a glass of our delicious apple cider.

The Local Spot for Apple Cider

If you would like to learn more about our delicious apple cider or our farm and its many features, feel free to call us at (734) 761-7578. Wing Farms has been locally owned and operated for over 150 years, we offer pumpkins, apple cider, farm fresh turkeys, and many activities that the entire family can enjoy and learn from in Ann Arbor, MI. Visit us today to try our delicious apple cider, take home your very own pumpkin, or take a hayride to our pumpkin patch.


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Wing Farms was founded in 1852 by James Wing. Over 150 years and 5 generations later, the farm is still going strong. Owned and operated by Kevin Wing, the farm is comprised of 205 acres, including the homestead. Over the years, the farm has held herds of sheep, cattle and dairy cows. Today, corn, soybeans and rye are the main crops – along with our famous Giant Pumpkins.